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LDVA’S dedicated professionals employ proven methods and our unique Da Vincian approach to learning at the Preschool, Primary, Junior, and Intermediate levels. The ultimate goal is to encourage a love of learning, encourage independent thinking skills, and help students realize their whole potential. Low student-teacher ratios insure a high level of personal attention to meet individual needs and provide a well-balanced curriculum of studies in Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. A rich after-school program of diverse clubs and sports serves to further enhance leaning, develop real life skills and responsibility, contribute to a healthy social life and strong school spirit. Current Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines are adapted and enriched in all elementary grades. Subjects or areas of study include: Language Arts/English, Mathematics, Science, French, Italian, Physical & Health Education, Social Studies, History & Geography, Religion, Guidance, Computer Studies, Arts, and Music. The school program is further enriched by a variety of meaningful excursions at all levels. At all levels and across the curriculum, students at LDVA are encouraged to:

  • experience with all their senses
  • learn from their mistakes
  • be open minded
  • ask meaningful questions
  • balance their creative and logical sides
  • cultivate & appreciate their physical nature
  • and develop an appreciation for their connection with the universe

Italian Studies: The Academy\’s unique Italian Studies program provides both intellectual and cultural enrichment for students at all levels. The study of the language of the Renaissance is a valuable background for careers in Music, Fine Art, Modern Languages, Architecture, Design, Linguistics, and International Affairs. On August of 2005, LDVA received official recognition from the Italian government. As a result, qualifying graduates of the Academy may apply for a certificate of equivalency for Italian secondary schools. Religion: LDVA is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education as an independent Roman Catholic elementary school. Students at all grade levels are introduced to Religion through the Gospel and other readings from the Bible. These are supplemented with exercises from Canadian Catechetical texts and related activities. The goal is to heighten spiritual awareness while preparing eligible students for the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation. The school\’s Chaplain, a Catholic priest, serves as a valuable resource to staff and students. LDVA offers the following Programs: Preschool: Recognizing the importance of Early Childhood Education the Academy offers two distinct programs for children aged 3 to 6. “click here for more information about our Preschool Programs and Early Childhood Education at LDVA” (linked to Preschool page) Casa Montessori Casa Montessori is a Montessori pre-school that nurtures curiosity and independence. The Casa classroom is designed to stimulate the child\’s cognitive, creative and social development. “click here for more information about Our Casa Montessori Program” (linked to Casa Montessori page) Scuola Materna Scuola Materna is the Academy\’s Italian immersion Montessori Early Childhood Education program. It is the only such program in Canada with international recognition from the Italian Government. “click here for more information on our Scuola Materna Program” (linked to Scuola Materna page) Elementary School: *need description of elementary programs Primary: Which grades are included in the Primary range? Junior: Which grades are included in the Junior range? Intermediate: Which grades are included in the Intermediate range? “click here for more information about our Elementary Programs” (linked to Elementary page)


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