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Leonardo Da Vinci Academy’s dedicated professionals employ proven methods and a unique Da Vincian approach to learning that encompass the Preschool, Primary, Junior, and Intermediate levels. The ultimate goal is to encourage a love of learning and independent thinking skills, and help students realize their whole potential. A high level of personal attention insures that individual student needs are met.

In keeping with LDVA’s “Thinking Like Leonardo” focus, at all levels and across the curriculum, students at LDVA are encouraged to:

  • experience with all their senses
  • learn from their mistakes
  • be open minded
  • ask meaningful questions
  • balance their creative and logical sides
  • cultivate & appreciate their physical nature
  • and develop an appreciation for their connection with the universe

Early Childhood Education

The importance Leonardo Da Vinci Academy places on Early Childhood Education is reflected in the quality of its preschool programs: Casa Montessori and Scuola Materna. Both employ qualified staff and are based on the methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori education calls forth that which is within each child to promote spiritual, intellectual, social and creative development. Children are naturally curious and are driven from within by an “absorbent mind” to absorb everything from their environment. If free to learn, they will joyfully select activities that develop their innate abilities. A true prepared Montessori environment fulfills this innate need to learn and grow by allowing children to learn through mastery and manipulation of the Montessori materials. Our Montessori trained teachers serve as the dynamic link between the children and the materials. Montessori is the perfect complement to LDVA’s formative “Thinking Like Leonardo” philosophy. Preschool graduates are very well prepared for the Academy’s Lower Elementary.


This is the Academy’s Italian immersion preschool for children aged 4 to 6 years. It is the only such program in Canada with official status and recognition from the Italian Government. Starting in September 2020 plans are in place for the Scuola to be licensed by the Ontario Ministry so as to allow enrollment for children as young 2.5 years old.


This is an CCMA accredited Montessori preschool that nurtures curiosity and independence. The Casa classroom is designed to stimulate the child’s cognitive, creative and social development. By September 2020, according to plan, Casa will also be licensed by the Ontario Ministry for children aged 2.5 to 6 years old


Our Elementary programs begin with Lower Elementary Montessori (Grades 1 to 3) which is a natural progression for graduates of our Casa or Scuola preschools. At all levels and across the curriculum LDVA students are encouraged to develop a “Thinking Like Leonardo”approach to lifelong learning.


Lower Elementary is a CCMA accredited Montessori program for the Primary Grades (Grades 1 to 3). At this level the goal is to instill a love of learning, independence, and self-confidence while exploring a wide range of subjects.


Our Upper Elementary program begins at Grade 4 – a transition year from a full Montessori environment to a more traditional classroom setting. In preparation for high school, students will be provided with textbooks and introduced to homework and formal tests. In core subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts, students follow an enriched Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. In addition to a homeform teacher, students will also have specialist teachers for various subjects including Music, Art, French, Italian, Religion and Physical Education.


ITALIAN STUDIES is unique at LDVA and provides both intellectual and cultural enrichment for students at all grade levels. On August of 2005, LDVA received official recognition from the Italian government. Qualifying graduates of the Academy may apply for a certificate of equivalency for Italian secondary schools


LDVA is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education as an independent Roman Catholic elementary school. Students at from Grade 1 to 8 are introduced to Religion through the Gospel and other readings from the Bible. The goal is to heighten spiritual awareness while preparing eligible students for the sacraments.

For information on application procedures and tuition schedules click on on of the following link: