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Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Arts and Sciences aims to assist in the formation of well-rounded, responsible individuals, promote academic excellence and encourage self-esteem within a healthy Catholic environment.

Specific objectives include:

  1. To promote whole-brain thinking, creativity, problem solving and an approach to lifelong learning as inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  2. To instill a genuine respect for self, family, the environment and a profound vision of life as inspired by the Gospel.
  3. To promote cultural enrichment and an appreciation for the Italian language and culture within a Canadian context.
  4. To encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive self-image.

The school’s motto “Virtutem Forma Decorat” (Beauty Adorns Virtue), inscribed on one of Leonardo’s own works (shown left)”, was the inspiration for the Academy’s mission statement below:

“The Leonardo Da Vinci Academy aims to instill a love of learning and to challenge students to develop their whole potential in the manner inspired by Leonardo. The goal is to nurture the growth of responsible individuals who are rooted in their heritage, in balance with their world, and secure on the path to self-knowledge within a Catholic environment.”