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School Overview


Leonardo Da Vinci Academy is an independent Catholic school that has been serving children of discerning parents since 1984. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Maria Montessori, LDVA’s approach to education is to enable students to achieve their full potential and foster a love for lifelong learning. LDVA provides exceptional schooling from Preschool to Grade 8 and promotes whole brain thinking, independence, academic excellence, and self-esteem.

Leonardo Da Vinci Academy’s dedicated staff employ proven methods and a unique Da Vincian approach to learning throughout the Preschool, Primary, Junior, and Intermediate levels. Small class sizes ensure that students are appropriately challenged, and individual needs are met.

LDVA’s unique curriculum features a CCMA accredited Casa Montessori Preschool, as well as an authentic Italian immersion Scuola Materna Preschool, which is officially recognized by the Government of Italy. Our Lower Elementary Montessori for Grades 1 – 3 is also a CCMA accredited program. Our Upper Elementary program begins at Grade 4 and transitions students into a traditional classroom setting up to Grade 8.

In core subjects, including Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts, students follow an enriched Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. Students also receive specialist classes for various subjects, including Italian, Music, Art, French, Religion, Physical Education and extra-curricular activities.